Tucked away, down a dirt track, 5-10 minutes from the nearest main road, sits one of Malta’s best kept geographical secrets. St. Peter’s Pool sits near Marshaxlokk, on Malta’s southwest coastline and due to its inaccessibility, is not for everyone. There is a steep walk down to the natural pool, which lies below a rock face, and to access the water, you will need to pull yourself up and down a small ladder.


But to those who brave the summer heat of the Mediterranean, St. Peter’s Pool rewards with crystalline turquoise waters and far less tourists than the rest of Malta’s rocky beaches. The pool itself has been formed from billions of years of crashing waves, which have done a remarkable job of providing a smooth seating area to sunbathe and offered up a rocky indent which makes an excellent diving board into the deep waters below.


We brought the snorkel and spent the afternoon investigating the rocky caves surrounding the outcrops, which hosted colourful fish and several octopus. And as the sun goes down, a small hike up the hill will take you to a perfect vantage point from which to watch the sun disappear over the horizon and the crashing waves continue their relentless construction and deconstruction of Malta’s rocky coastline.

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